Types Of Non Verbal Communication Essays

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That 's the phrase most commonly used by places to greet you for coming in to their business. As a consumer or customer, you will feel welcomed if the person genuinely smiles at you, however if the person looks more serious you will most likely get the vibe that you are better of going directly to what you need and leave. This kind of facial expressions and tone of voice are examples of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is communication without words which involves your body movements such as gesture, posture, facial expressions, eye contact and many others. The study of this body movements or behavior is called kinesics. There are five types of kinesics : emblems, illustrators, regulators, adaptors and affect displays.

For my assignment I observed my coworkers at the store I work for to observe customer interactions. First, I will talk about emblems. By definition, emblems are body gestures that translate directly into words or phrases: for example the thumbs-up for "good job". The first emblem I observed was my sales rep Kassandra selling an Iphone 6s to a teenager who came with her father to upgrade her phone. Transaction was smooth until accessories was discussed. When the rep was about to talk prices, the teenage girl immediately came behind her father making sure he would not see and placed her index finger vertically on her lips to let Kassandra know to be quiet. Kassandra looked a little confused, but she opted for telling the girls father not to…

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