Types Of Friends Men Have Essay

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Types of Friends Men Have
Most men like to say that they do not have much friends but if you observe a man closely you will see that he does have quite an abundance of friends. They may say they are just acquaintances but without them really knowing, they have developed friendships/relationships over the years.
The first type of friend that a man has can be found at his job. These are called 'work friends '. They do not really share too much with this friend, only what they need to share to create conversations. Topics about work can be discussed amongst these friends. For example, problems that may arise at work, complaints about work, etc. They may at times grab a drink or go to lunch and discuss not-so-personal details. Maybe they will talk about the game they saw on the weekend, or about how going to their son 's t-ball practice is a pain in the neck. But still these are people whom they may not really consider a friend but they do hold some type of relationship.
Men usually have a group of friends that they hang out with on a regular basis. Friends like these are not really close but they do share more information with each other than with a work friend. They hang out during the weekend, maybe some might come over to each others houses to watch a game together, or sometimes even to play video games. Sometimes they will only see some of the friends that are in the groupduring the time that the group hangs out with each other. They can even be each other 's "shopping…

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