Essay on Types Of Alternative Energy For Renewable Energy

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With fossil fuels causing harm to our environment, it is important to search for alternatives that will benefit our earth. Alternative energy is energy that is widely available and environment friendly. These alternative energy sources do not consume fossil fuels; instead they are nuclear, solar, wind or hydroelectrically powered. These energy forms are more environmentally friendly because they cause little or no pollution. It is important to know the different types of alternative energy because it could help benefit our environment in the future. There are four types of alternative energy: nuclear, solar, wind and hydroelectric. These alternative energy sources all have advantages in improving our world. Nuclear energy is an alternative energy that provides electricity at low cost and does not produce gases (Brian & Lamb, 2000). Nuclear power plants are a great alternative to fossil fuel but they are also very dangerous and can cause great disasters. A nuclear power plant relies on nuclear fission to heat the water. Nuclear fission is the process of one atom splitting into two and releasing energy (Brian & Lamb, 2000). Nuclear power plant operators need to turn the nuclear fission into electrical energy. To do this, the operators control the energy that is given off by the enriched uranium, which allows it to heat the water into steam (Brian & Lamb, 2000). This steam moves the turbine that spins a generator to produce power.
It is a cleaner alternative than fossil…

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