Two Truth About Lying Essay

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What are the two truths about lying mentioned in the video? Which truth do you agree with the more? less? Have you seen an example of this elsewhere?
According to the video, there are two truths about lying. One truth is that lying is a cooperative act. Meyer explained that power emerges within a lie when someone else agrees to believe the lie. According to lie spotters, if a person gets lied to it is due to them agreeing to be lied to. It was also stated in the video that we are willing participants of deception for a number of reasons, other times we are unwilling participants. When a lie is told the truth is misrepresented in order to deceive others (Meibauer, 2011).
The second truth about lying is that we are against lying and are covertly
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Have you seen an example of this elsewhere?
There were two patterns of lie spotting that was described in the video. One pattern included speech. Speech is the pattern that is associated with non-contracted denial. Formal language is used rather than informal language as well as distancing language. According to recent studies, looking at nonverbal, auditory and speech content related responses in an objective and systematic methods will lead to more precise classifications of liars and truth tellers (Vrij & Mann, 2004). According to the video, no human can keep a secret.
The second pattern of lie spotting that was mentioned is body language. When it comes to lying and body language, one must throw all assumptions out of the door because what is usually assumed, turns out not to be the case. When lying they tend to freeze their upper bodies instead of fidgeting. They will also look you in the eyes a little too much and often gives fake smiles, which can be easily spotted. Behavioral patterning has received very little theoretical attention, which may be due to the fact that patterns of behavior are difficult to discern and easily escape awareness of human observers. However, the fact that these patterns are detectable means both that there are very real differences between truth and deception, such patterns can be ascertained with the right tools (Burgoon,

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