Two Sides Of School Uniforms Essay example

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Two Sides of School Uniforms “School uniforms: should or should not?” has been a question with no certain answer for years in America. There can be a lot of people deeply want to apply school uniforms for every schools, but there also a lot of people disagree with that idea. Therefore, we wonder why there are two different opinions, what side should we choose? First, let’s talk about a brief history of school uniforms. In 1222, there was a first document of education mentioned about school garment, where students were required to wear a “cappa clausa” or a robe-like outfit. Just until 16th century, ‘modern school uniform’ was born at Christ Hospital Boarding School. This uniform is still in use, and it also became the oldest uniform in history. In the US, in1987, private schools and parochial schools first required students to wear uniforms. After that, Maryland and Washington DC were the first states to implement uniforms in public schools. Later, other states followed suit. However, there are still more and more school districts trying to against these ruling. The most important problem about uniforms that people face now is the cost. School uniform are not cheap at some schools. High cost of school uniforms can be a financial burden of poor families. In 2015, the average total expenditure on school uniform in England for the 2014/15 school year to date (so up to the end of February 2015) was £212.88. This was less expensive for those in primary school (£192.14 for…

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