Two National Theory: The Two Nation Theory Of Pakistan

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Two Nation Theory Pakistan ideology was based on the “Two Nation Theory”. Which meant that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nation and both nations are quite different from each other. Basically the “Two Nation Theory” means that economic, cultural, political, social and religious differences between two major communities. The ideology of two nation theory is actually responsible for the partition of Subcontinent into two states. The struggle for the creation of Pakistan was based upon “Two Nation Theory” which held that Muslims and Hindus are two separate Nations. Pakistan ideology was based on the fact that the Muslims are a separate Nation having their own civilization, their own …show more content…
They introduced the democratic system which was unsuitable for Muslims of India . Hindus thought that Muslims were not a separate nation they are just a minority. And they also thought that they did not have any political , economic , cultural rights. And also only they should ruled the Muslims. The extremist Hindus made life a misery for Muslims of India. The Muslims were deprived of their rights Muslims were robbed of their properties and homes . There was no shelter for them. The slaughter of cow was said to be a dreadful crime against the law. The Muslim were not free to perform their religious rights. As the time passes Muslims realized their rights of living .Muslims came to know about their political, social, economical, cultural, and other rights. They also decided to protect their rights. And finally Sir Syed Ahmad Khan give the concept of “Two Nation …show more content…
Opinion: The Muslims and Hindus are the two communities living in sub continent. There was also a social difference between these two communities. The difference in their clothes, foods, salutation words, home interiors, household utensils hence everything was different. They are totally different from each other.
Premises: differences in education.
Opinion: there is a great difference of education between Hindus and Muslims as Hindus did not allow Muslims to get educated. Hindus made life a misery for Muslims of sub continent. The Muslims were deprived and maltreated of their rights. They even did not give them the right of education. So Muslims did not get modern education due to which their economic condition is also affected badly. They have no opportunity of government job. And British government did not allow them to interfere in government matters. While the Hindus have the opportunity of government job. So they progress more than Muslims.
Premises: Language difference
Opinion: there was also a difference of language between these two communities . The Muslims language was Urdu and it was written in Arabic script. While Hindi is the language of Hindus and it was written in

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