Two Myths About Milk Essay

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Two Myths about Milk * the best source of calcium, good for bones In general, milk is considered to be a health food. Drinking more milk can help us strengthen our bones and absorb calcium that we need. The kind of concepts has been deeply rooted in people’s mind. For example, kids are always recommended to drink at least three cup of milk a day in order to grow up healthy, stronger and taller just like an upstanding tree. And adult drink lot of milk to prevent osteoporosis. But have

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Thus drinking more milk does not mean your body will absorb more calcium.

What kind of negative influence can milk have on our bones?

According to this diagram from the blog, Raw Body and Soul, “In countries where most dairy products are consumed, such as the U.S. and Sweden, there are most cases of osteoporosis, whereas in Asia, where these products are almost not consumed at all, suffering from osteoporosis is very rare.”, and it seems “milk, contrary to popular opinion, does not strengthen bones, but it damages them.” Besides, another research has also shown the comparison of bone density between Japanese and British women. Japanese women get proper amount of calcium through the beans, vegetables, and little fish they eat, whereas British women get calcium which more than 40% is from the dairy products. However, compared with British, less than 60% of Japanese women had femoral neck facture.

Why milk is bad for our bones?

Bone is an organ which keeps regenerating. And the kind of process is called bone remodeling. According to the website, wiseGEEk, “Bone Remodeling is a continuous process of bone resorption and formation for the purpose of maintaining normal bone mass.” The cell responses to bone formation which called osteoblast and the other cell responses to bone resorption named osteoclast. However, the osteoblast will not be supplied unlimitedly by Mesenchymal stem cell which “can differentiate into a variety of cell types.” As we get older the
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