Ignorance Towards Africa Quotes

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Trinity Goldsmith

The Ignorance Towards Africa The central idea of Africa is often a misconception. Some perceptions of Africa are true, but only in certain countries are these notions accurate; Africa is typically thought of as one united front, instead of having a diverse group of countries with a variety of citizens and beliefs. Outsiders only learn about Africa through travelers, who often tell stories about particular areas, not the whole continent, and through school, which does not teach about modern Africa, but a slight insight into the history of Africa. The book Looking for Lovedu, by Ann Jones, suggests that westerners/outsiders are ignorant towards many aspects of Africa. One perception of Africa is that the people are very
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Reports on Africa normally involve disease (stated above), political tyranny, economic downfalls, natural disasters, etc. This viewpoint is expressed by a character from Jones 's book: “ 'They 're Africans ', Muggleton said, as if that explained atrocities” (209). Muggleton is a character that demonstrates all the western ignorance towards Africa; he often has comments like this throughout the story, truly showing how little outsiders really know about life in Africa. The quote stated in the second paragraph (page 289), also supports the fact that people are only aware of the disasters that occur on this continent. Journalists are only interested in reporting the disasters in Africa, so outsiders are only aware of the bad things that happen. Overall, westerners are only informed about a certain part of Africa, leaving them to be ignorant to the whole of …show more content…
'The real Africa. The real center of tribal power '” (159).
Most people don 't think of Africa as being just as modern as other continents. Overall, most people dismiss the idea that Africa has advanced like the rest of the world, and they normally equate Africa with tribes. The whole of Africa is a center of misconceptions and outdated perceptions. Westerners/outsiders are very ignorant about this continent, mainly because they think that the people are extremely poor, disease infested, surrounded by disaster, less civilized, and all tribal. The book Looking for Lovedu, written by Ann Jones, is a book that points out the stigma surrounding Africa, and reveals this continent for how it actually is: a place of diversity and variety. Outsiders can learn so much about life in Africa if they were to read this

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