Two Men One Ideology: The Similarities Between Hitler And Stalin

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Two Men One Ideology
During WWII, there were two superpowers who were at the height of their power Germany and Russia and their respected leaders; Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. There are many people who think there is a discrepancy between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. However, if you think about how they dealt with people who despised them, how their secret police worked these two aspects made them some of the most prolific killers of all times. Adolf Hitler's rise to power began in Germany on September 1911 when he decided to join the National Socialist German Workers Party also known as the Nazi party. He made a smart move when he decided to campaign at this time. Germany was just coming around from WWI and the whole world was mad at
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Collectivization was ordered for two reasons. One being that Stalin wanted the agricultural means of production to be up to the people, in other words, the state because he thought that this was an ideological reason and was seen as the communist way of doing things. The second reason for this was to start a huge famine because he was scared if the peasants were fed, they would have more energy to retaliate against the government and he wanted no part of that. Stalin also knew that the peasants if in numbers could conduct and execute and assassination against him. Starving the cities was the only way Stalin thought he could make the people submit to him and it certainly worked, but over 7 million people died from this disasters move within the government. Furthermore, the second wave of the genocide was a state-sponsored movement called the great purges. These began to root out those who joined the party after the revolution in order to further their careers, Stalin didn’t do this because of ideological reasoning. Another target of Stalin's where the thousands of foreign technicians that were brought in the first year of a Five-Year Plan to build and run the new machines and to train the workers in how to operate them. This was a much …show more content…
Hitler ordered his generals to arrest any Jew that they saw on the street. He came up with a fast way of getting rid of Jews and one way was killing them in concentration camps, meaning locking them up in frosty chambers and gassing them, it only took a few seconds before the last breath was grasped right out of them as they were hopeless enclosed in a space where bodies would literally fall on top of each other. Though Jews were the biggest targets in Hitler's regime, he also targeted homosexuals and gypsies. Homosexuals and gypsies would also get the same treatment as the Jews. Killing them was not the only thing Hitler wanted them to do he also wanted all the “young and strong” to work in the concentration camps not to mention, all the “old and weak” would be tortured and killed. Gas chambers were not the only thing Hitler did to the poor souls of those innocent people he captured, he would also line them up and have his generals shot them in the head, in addition, he would also burn them alive and have their families bury them. Hitler killed over 11 million people including the 6 million Jews this is why he was considered one of the worst people to ever live.
Thought Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler never met they were both very alike in how they dealt with people. They were communist, they were criminals, they were murderer. I believe that they are even closer because of how they were infatuated with

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