Lennie's Death In Of Mice And Men

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In “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck, two interlinked deaths are the deaths of Curley’s dog and Lennie. Comparing with the death of Lennie, which is the ending of the book at the meantime, the death of the old dog who was belonged to Candy can be regarded as an omen. Firstly, one point is that both the old dog and Lennie are unwanted to most people. Secondly, another aspect is that Candy is incapable to prevent his dog from being killed by Carlson, exactly as George’s inability to guard Lennie’s life. Thirdly, Candy said after the death of the dog, he wishes the killer was himself rather than someone else. Afterwards, Lennie was shot by his closest friend which is different from the dog who is shot by Carlson without Candy’s accompanying. …show more content…
Both the dog and Lennie are detested by most people results from the aging of the dog and the mental retardation of Lennie. Even though the dog and Lennie are precious friends to Candy and George, respectively, they were not saved by their friends. Different from the lonely dead of the dog, at least Lennie gets George beside him at the moment of death. Every main character is filled with a sense of solitude. From the beginning, the traveling of George and Lennie is a kind of fleeing, due the behaviour of Lennie did to the girl in red dress. The message revealed from the complaint of George is that the companion of George and Lennie is only each other during a long time. However, despite the desire of connecting to the others, Lennie is considered as an integral part by George. In the ranch, the individuals feel lonely as well even though they work together. As an old man who is getting useless in ranch, Candy lived in a hopeless way before George and Lennie’s coming, but had the only comfort, his old dog. Curley, the offspring of the ranch’s owner, uses rudeness and violence to mask his inferiority about stature. Curley’s wife falls into the dissatisfaction of her marriage, while she flirts with the men on ranch to relieve her loneliness. Another character is Crooks, called Negro by his co-workers, who suffered a lot of prejudice, he had to isolate himself until Lennie warms

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