'Two Friends' by Guy de Maupassant Essay

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Guy de Maupassant and "Two Friends"

War, Naturalism, and Tragedy. A way of life, a style of literature, and the way it all ends. Guy de Maupassant lived and served in war, wrote about it, and ended it all a sad and tormented man. We can see all this through his literature and in the way he writes his dark and melancholy works. July 15th, 1870, Emperor Napoleon III, "Led his nation into one of the most disastrous wars in her history" (Naranjo). Napoleon made the fatal mistake of attacking the Prussians, and the Germans, thus started the Franco-Prussian war. At the Age of twenty Maupassant joined the French army and went to fight in the war. During the war Paris, the capital of France, became under siege and many Frenchmen were trapped
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The following year he died. One of the great many stories he wrote about the war was, "Two Friends". This Story Takes place during the German siege on Paris and reflects the situation at that time very well. The story is about two men who used to see each other when they went fishing at a certain lake, Paris is starving and everyone is in poverty, so they haven't been fishing in a long time. This story portrays the Frenchmen very realistically in this story, and the

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