A Separate Peace Jealousy Analysis

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In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowls, there are signs of jealousy and naiveté that causes problems for the two main characters. Despite the fact Finny is too naive to realize how his best friend, Gene, is jealous of him it then “destroys” him. When all he is trying to do is forget about the dreadful war and stay youthful, which isn’t so easy to do.
One of the main issues is Phineas is so energetic and cheery he doesn’t realize what Gene’s jealousy is doing to him. He keeps on going on with his life, not even giving a second thought to what is happening to his best friend. That is why when Brinker creates the trial meeting and forces Gene to explain what he did to Finny, he couldn’t handle all the mixed emotions. He then decides to run

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