Twilight Film Analysis

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Twilight directed by Hadwicke is a movie about a girl named Bella who meets a vampire named Edward. She is thrown into a new environment and begins new discoveries. Her life would never be the same after she falls in love with a vampire. A simple movie with a simple concept. The underlying theme to movie is we should not live simple lives and we should reach for something more, something above normal. Showing maybe living forever and becoming a vampire isn’t what anyone really wants. In the beginning, Bella moves into her formally divorced fathers home as her mother travels with her new boyfriend. As a junior in high school she is then forced into a new community to make new friends. She begins her journey as any normal student but then she is introduced to an odd boy named Edward. The friendship starts out rocky but slowly builds up. They both seem to fall in love at first sight. Bella begins to notice Edward is different and due to some events, begins to understand he is well above a normal human. A reference to how strong and fast Edward is. She then puts the pieces together and realizes he’s a vampire. Now that she knew the …show more content…
My theory of the theme for the movie was the only thing I could make out of the whole thing. Of course when I mean something above average, I am not talking about becoming a fictitious creature. Just do not live a life and follow the normal crowd. In the context of the movie is to live a life more exciting than a normal high school life. Now I could’ve said the theme is trust your heart or something to that effect. But the main theme to me was a teenager wanting something more to life. Literally Edward embodies the idea of living a life that makes everything exciting. Whether girls or guys admit it, no one wants to live just a basic life. I can completely understand why teenage girls loved this movie. Though they could have done it better, just

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