Tv Shows Like Arrow, The Flash, Agents Of S.h Essay

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We hear about superheroes all the time and see them everyday on TV shows, movies, and comic books. They tend to hide behind a mask to conceal there real identify and they are loved by everybody with the exception of your typical mutated villain that hates them. Their defenders of the universe and can do no wrong. At least that is how they are portrayed on TV shows like Arrow, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.L.D, and movies like The Avengers, Thor, and Captain America. As perfect as they sound there is another type of hero, a more realistic hero that like its fictiaces counter part can also be seen on TV shows, movies, etc. They appear in shows like Blue Bloods, Rookie Blue, Cops and many more but unlike superheroes they don’t hide behind a mask. They are liked by some and hated by many but they will always be in the frontline protecting and serving the community, they are the protectors in blue and always a call away. You may ask who are these heroes in blue, protectors of the innocent and helpless, well they have many names some good and some not so pleasant but they prefer to be called police officers. There are all types of superheroes with different powers and abilities. Somewhere born with powers like X-Man, some became superheroes like Batman, others where bitten by a radioactive spider like Spiderman and another was part of an experiment like Captain America. Just like how there are different superheroes there are different types of…

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