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Genres of Television Shows
Genres are used to categorized television shows, music, movies, and etc. based on its similarities in style or theme (cite). Specifically, there are several genres that are used to classify television shows. Three main genres of television shows are comedy, drama, and reality TV. There are also subgenres, which are another type of genre that is used to further classify a television show. For example, comedy is a genre of TV shows and a subgenre of it is romance. Hence, a television show can be a comedy-romance. The main genre and/or subgenre of the television show can also help a person select the type of show that appeals to him/her.
Comedy television shows focus on creating humor. This type of show appeals to audiences
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So, these shows are like the opposite of comedy. The plots can also be intense and may be filled with suspense. Crime, medical, and legal are subgenres of drama. The subgenre crime is based on TV shows that focus on a police department or one or more individuals who work for the police solving crimes and catching criminals. Solving cases and collecting evidence is a main focus in these types of shows based on fictional characters and stories. Someone who enjoys watching crime shows and playing detective may be interested in crime-drama shows. Hence, appealing to that audience. The Mentalist, Crime Scene Investigation, and Elementary are examples of these type of …show more content…
For instance, medical meant that the setting was medical. Now in this case, the subgenre legal means that the TV show is set in a courtroom or other legal setting. In addition, the shows focus on the legal aspect of the crime by trying to prosecute the criminal suspected of committing the crime. Therefore, genres of television shows is an easier way to classify television shows. Some examples of legal-dramas are Suits, Law & Order, and How to Get Away with Murder. Audiences who enjoys law and criminals being charged for the crimes they commit, may find legal-drama TV shows appealing.
The last genre of television shows is reality TV. Reality TV shows are unscripted televised programming about real people who lives are being filmed (“Reality TV”, 2016). Famous people are common people who are filmed in reality shows, but the public may also star in reality shows. Audiences who like watching situations unfold on their own, real people life experiences, or everyday lives may enjoy these type of shows. Reality TV has three subgenres, which are competition, self-improvement, and documentary style. A person may like one subgenre more than another depending on their

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