Turning Points Of My Life Essay

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Turning Points in My Life
At the moment that the Vietnam War was very fierce, I was born in the biggest city in South Vietnam, Saigon. I remember that because my father frequently told me about it in my childhood. I’m the last one in a family of five kids. Only my father worked as a pediatric doctor at Nhi Dong # I hospital whereas my mom took care of our family. Almost my childhood time was happy under the protection of my parents. Many things have happened to me in my life, but some following moments exist always in my memory.
Like all children around the world, I started my elementary education at 6 ages. I don’t remember too much that time, except the first day that my mom left me in a pre-school class. I cried bitterly even the teachers consoled and gave me many candies, so my mom must have been outside of the class during class time in all first week. After that, I only memorize that my elementary school passed with strict teaching in Math and Vietnamese classes, so my parents have spent a lot of time to help me doing homework. Indeed, elementary education in my generation there was little severe, a student who forgot to do his or her homework could immediately have corporal punishment by cane.
After 1975, I began middle school, but my life has been changed suddenly. I remember it was the hardest time of our family. My father’s income was decreased and became insufficiently to raise his family. The Vietnam War went over, but the Vietnamese economy had serious…

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