Turner's Syndrome Essay

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Turner’s syndrome is a condition that results in a person only being born with one X chromosome. This condition is due to when someone is born with only one sex chromosome. Those who have Turner’s syndrome have one X-chromosome and are missing the other sex chromosome. Because there is the presence of an X chromosome only those with Turner’s syndrome are consider having the sex of female. This syndrome results in a vast variety of medical issues, but most issues that those who have this syndrome with encounter is in their development. Turner’s syndrome can be diagnosis before birth, but is more commonly diagnosis when the person is an infant or during early childhood. Although there have been cases that present with such mild signs and symptoms, …show more content…
The earlier the diagnosis is given and treatment is started also the better the overall quality of life will be. One of the treatments that have been shown to be very beneficial to those with Turner’s syndrome is growth hormone replacement. The earlier and more successfully this treatment is administered the better it will be at prevented the short stature issues with Turner’s syndrome. There has yet to been proven the best age to start this, but the longer it is done before puberty the taller those with Turner’s syndrome end up being. Another treatment that helps manage Turner’s syndrome is sex hormone replacement. This is just simply replacing the hormones they would normally start producing during puberty. That is why this treatment normally starts when the patient is 12 to 15 years old. If this treatment is started too early or with too high of a dosage it can lead to compromised adult height. Other things that are commonly suggested along with those treatments is to have regular consultations with an endocrinologist, cardiologist, urologist, psychologist, and a geneticist. Finally, another very important thing for those with Turner’s syndrome is to have a good diet. Having the correct diet and reduce the patient’s risk of osteoporosis and ovarian failure. Also, those with Turner’s syndrome have a high risk of obesity, because they need fewer calories than others without this syndrome, and should keep that in mind when making their diet. Overall, Turner’s syndrome is a serious condition, but if managed probably those who have it can live happy, relatively healthy, and normal

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