IMVU Community Analysis

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Moreover, in Turkles Alone Together, she exemplifies her worry for online social networking sites because of their ability to allow humans to edit themselves and manage their relationships (2011). Throughout my interaction with the IMVU community, I found that numerous people using online communities to build relationships were looking for a way out of their past imperfect ones. They loved being able to communicate when they felt like it and return to the real world where the relationship no longer affected them. This gave people the ability to live in a perfect virtual world with perfect relationships. Per Turkle the ability manages ourselves and our relationships have begun to make real life human bonds more irrelevant than ever (2011). …show more content…
It seemed that the couples were enthused about keeping their online relationships online and had no real plans of being a couple in real life. They liked the idea of the person they were with through IMVU but, not exactly in the real world. The online users of IMVU loved being able to be their perfect selves in every aspect. This online world became a way for people to be who they always dreamed of. The couples like the ability to take on a role they usually did not feel comfortable taking in their everyday lives. The freedom to express themselves became a way to talk to numerous people without their insecurities or attributes they found negative about themselves.
Consequently, like Turkle expected the continually need that online individual must manage their social relationships and edit themselves have only made society more alone and irrelevant than ever. Those in relationships have lost a sense of what it means to be with someone who is with the real you and accepting all the perfect and imperfect attributes. They have also missed out on the importance of real life, the complications are what makes our relationships so important and
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I found this to be a key aspect in the IMVU world. Although, most people believe they have created strong ties they are just acquaintances that have small talk through this online platform. Most of these relationships also are just gateway connections to the various other individuals that are on the IMVU realm. These are the reason why these communications are considered

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