Turkey Demographic Essay

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Despite its Middle Eastern location, Turkey is far from third world status, with its flourishing economy and urbanization habits. With the capital a highly important metropolitan city vital in the commercial and industrial businesses, Turkey teeters on the line of First and Second world title, more like its neighbors to the West than the rest of its continent. Several factors set Turkey apart from the rest of the world’s demographics, not just the staggering population of one religion – Turkey identifies as 99.8% Muslim – and a city linking two continents together. Turkey is most demographically known for its above average youth dependency ratio, its total fertility rate, and the high yet increasing percentage of the population living in urban areas.

When looking at the demographic table for Turkey’s indicators in comparison to the world, many factors do not appear to stand out. Most of Turkey’s averages and percentages are almost perfectly in line with that of the world, and would give the false impression that Turkey is
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As an extension, however, a better policy would offer free child-care, incentivizing working mothers to have more children because they would not have to sacrifice their own personal success. Hospital charges due to births should be decreased to prevent the lower classes from avoiding children through contraceptives, and increased stability of the government should ensue to give citizens the security needed to have children. These policies will not only give women and families incentives to have more children, but it may also decrease the average age for the first child being born, as so many options are available to maintain both lives, and create a youthful population large enough to replace those retiring in the next

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