Tuition : Is It Really Worth What We Pay? Essay

1324 Words Feb 10th, 2016 null Page
Tuition: Is It Really Worth What We Pay? “Dude, I’m being harassed by Sallie Mae,” my friend insisted over the phone as I gulped down my fear of what’s apparently to come. “They have my dad’s number, my mom’s number, and I swear they never sleep. My dad literally called the cops to try to stop the calls.” “Well do you ever miss your payments?” I asked, hoping for a simple reason to their constant nagging. “No way, but I’m considering it. I’ve been putting in some serious overtime at the warehouse, man, and I don’t know how much longer I can take it.” My friend was struggling with something that I was starting to feel anxious about. I’m responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in tuition myself, and I dread the day that I have to start paying it off. I’ve seen what debt has done to the people close to me, and I’ve seen what those same people were able to do with their degrees. I have also experienced first-hand the difference in quality of education provided at different tuition rates, and the results may surprise you. Students are dishing out more and more for tuition while simultaneously being buried further in debt, yet the prospects for success aren’t getting any better. Tuition rates have been increasing at what should be an alarming rate, and it’s going to hold kids back from the education they deserve. I remember graduating high school at the top of my class expecting to end up at one of the top ten engineering schools in the country. I had the grades, the…

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