Essay about Truman 's The Truman Show

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As I knowingly inspect the world I live in, that is the world I believe to be true, occasionally I question whether or not what society tells me about my life holds any legitimate truth. It’s unfathomable to imagine that my world isn’t real; considering the thought of the government or someone of higher power manipulating me to believe their perjury is unnerving. I generally shut these thoughts down as they rush through me, making them leave as fast as I let them come in, for it is too unethical to give thought to. However, recently I allowed some of these thoughts to creep back into my body and I approved their of presence for a while.
Reflecting on a movie I recently viewed, The Truman Show, I placed myself in protagonist Truman’s position. Truman’s entire life was public knowledge, from his secret crushes to deep, intimate conversations with friends and family. If I picture all my life being completely public knowledge in a situation where everything is exposed, but at the same time everyone surrounding me is pretending to be oblivious, It would lead to more secrets and lies towards me every day. For example, when Truman is talking to Marlon, his best friend, about the possibility that everyone around him not being who they say they are, his best friend has to lie straight to his face. Marlon uses their friendship as a tactic to compel Truman into believing the lies that he is stating. I feel as though anyone in Truman 's position, having not had clues towards…

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