Symbolism In The Truman Show

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Register to read the introduction… Truman is the name of the star, this name suggest that he is the only ‘true’ ‘man’, meaning he is the only man that is not an actor within reality television show. But he is not be portrayed as true man because he does not know in the real world there is pain and suffering so he would not react in the same as a true man.

Christof is the director of the show. In order to make the reality show a success he controls the characteristics of Truman’s life. This includes controlling the weather and the way in which the actors perform and respond to Truman in the world he accommodates. His name suggests that he is higher than everyone else in the reality television show, as the word ‘Christ’ in his name is a biblical term meaning the son of God, a leader of people. The media controls us in a subliminal way causing people to follow it as an everyday norm.

There are many uses of irony in the Truman Show. For instance where Christof interview takes place, the interviewer states “we know how jealously you guard your privacy”. This shows how that Christof has a private life but no other member of the cast does. This is shown when Meryl says in her interview “there is no difference between a
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The Truman show is a show within the film within the society is known as entertainment, like when an individual goes to the cinema to watch the film. Initially there are two directors Peter Weir of the film and Christof of the show. There are also two audiences, the audience of the film and the audience of the show. The audience in the show react in a similar way to the way we would act; an example of this is a man who went to the extent of putting a television in his bathroom in order to watch the Truman Show. This reflects us as an audience to be obsessed with the media, always wanting more and

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