Truman 's Point Four Speech Essay

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Arjun Patel
Harry Truman’s Point Four Speech:
An In-Depth Analysis of the Modernization Theory
With the conclusion of World War II, the globe was left in a frazzled state of destruction from the aftermath of many vicious battles. Harry Truman was then elected President of the United States of America in 1948 and needed to address the issue of how to help the world rebuild after such a devastating war (Smith). Subsequent his election, his inaugural address proposed four points. Of the four, his speech became well known for “Point Four” as it set the foundations for “the improvement and growth of underdeveloped areas,” (Truman 44). The theory of development that Truman bases point four off of is the modernization theory of development. The modernization theory of development assumes that the countries are at fault for their own underdevelopment. These countries are at fault because they are considered “backwards” (Fuentes). Backwardness is accounted for by psychological issues such as superstitions or ancient traditions (Fuentes). Backwards groups of people have extractive ruling factions that want to maintain the status quo which becomes an issue of social and political accounts (Fuentes). Finally, backwardness is accounted by the economic reason that backwards people don’t want to change since there is a large amount of risk associated with changing (Fuentes).
Traditional societies entail this backwardness, which contrast the modern societies that inhabit western countries…

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