Essay about Truman Philosophy

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Truman Show
By: Cody Forrest
1. Yes, the world Christof created is as real and full of truth as the outside world in which we live. Truth and what is real, is an individual perception. No one perceives the world exactly the same as another person. So, if someone was to be born onto a stage where his/her every move was being watched and their future was getting mapped out and scripted, their perception of what is real and what is true would be just as logical as our own. This person would have to eat, sleep, and go to work just like everyone else. He/she would even have the same feelings as anyone living in the "outside world". They would be sad if they failed a test, happy if they didn't, and scared that they could've. He/she would
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There is no way to tell the difference, between fabricated and real, maybe their isn't one, many people believe God created the world, that he has a plan for us, a ... planned out future. Then wouldn't our 'reality' just be God's fabricated worldthat he created for us? There is no real right answer, just like there is no 'real' world.
3. In "Plato's Cave" the prisoners only believe in what they see and can't inagine anything else existing. This is similiar to Truman because he believed the life that he lived was indeed real and had no doubts at all, he dreamed of other locations but they all existed within this "real" world. These stories are different because "Plato's Cave" has 3 prisoners who are experienced an enclosed reality, whereas Truman Show just has Truman himself. So when Truman finally gets out of 'the cave' or stage, he has no reason to go back to the cave, because there is no one else to tell.
4. If anything was wrong with Christof's world, it would have to be the lack spontaneity. Truman was constantly seeing the samething over and over again and being human, he gets bored easily. This lead him to want to change his surroundings. Thus, his need to travel the world and discover new sites. Another thing wrong with the 'Show', would be the obvious mistakes that actors and other employees make throughout the shows progress. Hard to make a convincing world if you keep showing how fake it

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