Character Analysis: The Chosen By Chiem Potok

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True Friends

Friendship is more than what the world believes it to be. Friends remain together through strenuous times. A few demonstrate this in The Chosen by Chiem Potok. These individuals convey love toward one another, they instruct each other in new things, and they stay close when life becomes burdensome. They build each other up, they give generously, and they exemplify love in any way they can. Their friendship stands forever and will never fall apart. Danny, Reuven, and Mr. Malter, all have the character trait of a true friend.

To begin, Reuven remains as the example of a perfect friend. His intimacy for Danny and Mr. Malter is infrangible. When Reuven put forward to have Danny over for dinner, it became an instant that Reuven could express his friendship toward Danny. Although Danny declined, it still was a moment of true friendship. When Danny sat in the hospital, his father said these decisive words that exemplified Reuven's matchless friendship. Then he said, “Reuven, listen to me.” The
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Malter all have the same kindness and friendship. They all care for one another and they stretch acts of kindness toward one another. The character traits of a friend stand perfectly displayed in the lives of Reuven, Danny, and Mr. Malter. These three individuals all have an unbreakable bond. They care so much for each other that they spend time together every single day. Well if they can do that, can we in our world? Of course we can do it. These fictional people are perfect examples of friends. Their bond brings them closer than a family. But if they can extend this kind of kindness and love, can we? What are we waiting for? Friends are not supposed to walk away and forget about you. They are supposed to be by your side, build you up, and love you. That is what we miss and that is what we need. To conclude, Mr. Malter, Rueven, and Danny all share the same kindness and friendship that we most need

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