Debbie Sherman Argumentative Essay

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1. Debbie Sherman: For my first consultation I wanted to talk to the mother of a high school student because this law would have a direct impact on them. I spoke to Debbie Sherman, a mother of a sophomore in a New Jersey high school. Her main points to me were that punishing students can be very effective because when parents drop their child off at school they have no control whether or not the child stays in school. This made me think about my proposal idea because I got comments from caucus members that the proposal may be too harsh to students and that they should not be the ones punished, but Ms. Sherman made a good point that it is impossible for parents to keep track of their high school student 24/7. These students are old enough to …show more content…
I looked at the truancy law in the state and other states and was able to see that the current one was ineffective. However, I was very puzzled as to how I should amend the law because there were many different directions I could go in. At first, I suggested making the punishments harsher for parents, but I then realized that this is not a good idea because punishing parents will not get the student to go to school. I then realized that the student needed to be the one taking responsibility for their education because they are the one who needs to get an education. In addition, parents are not able to watch their child 24/7, especially high school students, so they should not be responsible for keeping them in …show more content…
However, after speaking to my consultant, Jacob Kesselhaut, I realized that this approach was not the way to go. It would just lead to more difficulties for students because it can be very hard for them to afford these fines. His suggestion of taking away something the student really loves was a great idea, and made me change my idea to taking away driving privileges if the student was found guilty at the arraignment. I later added on community service because throughout my caucus class I have learned the value in service activities and helping others, and it can often make a person want to better themselves. I believe that community service would be a great learning opportunity for the student, and will show them how privileged they are to attend high school and get an education that can help them reach their

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