Tristan Bernard's I'M Going Essay

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According to The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia literature is, “Words set apart in some way from ordinary everyday communication. In the ancient oral traditions, before stories and poems were written down, literature had a mainly public function - mythic and religious. As literary works came to be preserved in writing, and, eventually, printed, their role became more private, serving as a vehicle for the exploration and expression of emotion and the human situation.” Literature enables us to develop our minds analytically and promotes open minds. We can see the world through the eyes of different writers from different cultures and in turn learn to better handle certain scenarios in our own lives. It allows the reader to escape to a …show more content…
In the play, Henri would never admit his obsession and addictions to his wife Jeanne. Due to the nature of their relationship, it seems his pride won’t let him open up to his partner. Instead, he tries to keep a persona that is much stronger and able than he is. Jeanne, on the other hand, does not have a clue how to persuade her husband to spend more time with her as well as abandon the habit of gambling and going to the races so often. They clearly avoid the subject until it’s time for the race again. Jeanne exhibits some fear of her husband, as well as not knowing what to do, when Henri states any excuse to have an argument avoiding the true problem. He states all the fake issues and fake reasons…Jeanne’s fast walk, the financial cost of her joining him to watch the races, and even the weather, all in an attempt to persuade Jeanne not to go with him. On the other hand, Jeanne does not seem to know how to face her husband or convince him reasonably why he should not go to the races anymore. She tries delicately to make it about her and his lack of effort to spend time with her.
The reality is that Henri needs time for himself like everybody and needs to quit these races as a responsible head of family should know. On line 157 of I’m Going, Henri shows that us that he does love his wife but that he also is trying to outsmart her by

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