Trip : The Rangamati Trip Essay

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Rangamati Trip

There’ll come a time when you’ll learn whether you’re an independent/dependent variable that thin line of self-awareness will shape you; just as it did in my case and gave birth to the traveler in me! The concept acted like a parasite; feeding on me and prepared me for the journeys; one of which I will be discussing here: “The Rangamati Trip”
Rangamati is a beautiful district situated in the south-eastern Bangladesh; the whole district is surrounded by the magnificent Kaptai lake which does not hesitate to show its tranquility in both day and night time. As every other trip goes mine was not any different than any other traveler but we were quite fortunate enough to have the company of a local friend from there and his trusted friends in addition to the cause.
We visited Rangamati during summer season because of our hectic life.

The traffic in our country is practically a joke; it takes quite some time to even reach the highways since we had a 5 day leave we decided to board the train to save time and enjoy the most of the greenery possible; efficiently connect with the mother Earth. We departed from the train station at midnight; within an hour we left the capital and the rapturous moments started kicking in; nature slowly reaching to us; vibes connecting to our thoughts and eventually into words. The stillness of the waxing gibbous moon; stealing it way at us now and then from the tree lines.
We were traveling in an old train; which gave us the…

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