Police Brutality Trends

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Keeping the peace, law enforcement, protection of people and property and the investigation of crimes is what police officers are meant to do in their line of duty and responsibilities. However, abuse of power and work stress are high indicators that our protectors should sometimes be looked at as suspects to criminal activities. Police brutality has become so widespread due to cell phone and security cameras depicting these violent acts that have never received this type of exposure before. Several major trends have given rise to a host of police practices that not only unlawfully interfere with the exercise of protective speech but also result in affirmative harm to innocent individuals. Some of these trends include punishment absent unlawful …show more content…
A woman’s suit stems from an ordeal that began Feb. 11, 2010, Lowry returned to her workplace after having some drinks out with friends and becoming intoxicated, falling asleep on the office couch. She apparently tripped an alarm which caused a police officer to arrive with a dog. He sent the dog in which bite and attacker Lowry, tearing open her upper lip. The judge within that trial reinstated that the suit means any officer in the nine-state Western region encompassed by the 9th Circuit who releases a police dog and follows with a flashlight in search of a suspect could “wind up in trial.” These types of events are changing the type of forced used to a more excessive, unnecessary and uncontrollable type as the officer later told Lowry she was “very lucky” because his dog “could have ripped your face off,” according to the account. Dogs are no different than a deadly weapon, their bites cause an excessive amount of damage. The dog is a deadly weapon. Just like any deadly weapon you do not point it unless you are sure of your target. Normally the first response is being the most violent due to the unknowingness of the situation they are called upon. In contrast, there was a trial in Baltimore of an animal cruelty charges where an office slit the neck of a restrained dog that had escaped from home and bitten a woman trying to read her …show more content…
A law enforcement officer from central China’s Henan Province was recently under arrest when visiting her daughter in the provincial capital Zhengzhou. Falsely accused of being sex workers, the woman and her daughter were beaten, tortured and detained for hours by local police. In Germany every year, around 2,000 complaints police brutality in Germany are reported – and the figure could be higher because not every case is reported. Through sloppy investigations and policemen acting in an unprofessional manner, less amounts of unlawful acts and power abuse could be implemented all together. In Mexico, in one video, a man in a mauve shirt is seen standing in front of riot police verbally demanding that they release detainees not in the picture. An officer comes up from behind to pick him up and carry him behind police lines. “Placencia” said the case was "emblematic" of a trend in police strategies in which "they encapsulate a person, take them away, and then try to justify some kind of link with criminal

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