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Running Head: Assignment 1:Trends in the Workplace

Assignment 1:Trends in the Workplace
HRM 500 HR Management Foundations
January 25, 2014


Running Head: Assignment 1:Trends in the Workplace


According to the text, there are a number of key trends in the workplace that have significant influences on organizations. HR professionals play a key role in helping organizations respond to evolving trends, comply with federal and state regulations, and manage workplace flexibility.
As an HR professional it is important for you to demonstrate your understanding of the ever changing global environment. Specify the key functional areas of Human Resources Management. Explore the manner in which each
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She took her complaint to HR, and they brought it to the attention of the owners/ board members within the auto group. They gave her the a management position but, they also gave her a hard time. Once she was in her new position everything went downhill until she was let go.

Running Head: Assignment 1:Trends in the Workplace


The excerpt from teaching american history, states that the Civil Rights Act of 1991 an act to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and improve Federal civil rights laws, to provide for damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination, to clarify provisions regarding disparate impact actions, and for other purposes (Teaching American History, 2015). Due to this law every job I held was with a diverse group of individuals. I have met and learn a lot from working with people who has different beliefs and ways of things. According to the text, there are three significant trends affecting organizations today: the aging workforce, diversity, and skills deficiencies in the workplace. Analyze the primary manner in which each of these three trends has impacted the organization where you currently work or in one where you have worked in the past.Support your response with specific examples of said impact.
In the next 10­20 years, the Baby Boomer generation will reach the retirement age and not in not rush to retire. By 2020, all baby boomers will be at least 55 years old and human resource personnel will spending their

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