Essay about Treatment Of The United Railroad Industry

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Braceros treatment Upon arriving to the check immigrant workers were being inspected for disease and take to processing centers where there toughly searched for vegetables, weapons, drugs or any other types of contraband. Once they they passed the searched part of the process later they were force to strip and sprayed with Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloro (DDT) (which is a type of insecticide, which now is banned in manny countries for its harmful ingredients) to get rid of any harmful insects. The program offered many things like housing, transportation, healthcare, among other things, and they ( the workers) sort of did get all those things. The bracers that go hired in the railroad industry did get transportation, housing, and sanitation facilities, but they weren’t like the ones we know today. The railroad companies build a section go house for the workers and their families, but they were made of railroad cars or they were very small shacks. The housings had to be shared with other ten families if they were staying in the houses made out of railroad cars and if the families were staying in the shacks they had to share it with three other families. These “houses” did not include indoor plumbing, there was no play area for the children, and the community restrooms were shared with hundreds of families. These living conditions were not similar to in all the labor work fields, but one thing they all had in common, keeping the cost of labor low, while profits sky rocked. The…

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