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To: Nancy Innella
From: John Hayes
Date: 7/3/2016
Re: Presenting Staffing and Scheduling Ideas

Staffing Challenges _____
I am so grateful to have a mentor. Currently my mind is in a whirlwind trying to contemplate my options relative to staffing. Several things are impacting my decisions. Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated. I will try to summarize the issues.
Summary of Current Staffing and Budget for Medical-Surgical beds
Currently, Christ Advocate has a total nursing hours per patient in medical-surgical of 8.93 for the 394 authorized beds. Since the hospital has chosen to not use LPN
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------------------------------------------------- The final issue: My proposal to improve the Medicare scores
My recommendations is to inform all staff of critical areas according to the ratings we received on the Hospital Report Card. These critical areas will be visible on a newly created dashboard for the hospital that can be viewed by all employees to see our increases or decreases in effort. Our first dashboard indicators on watch will be areas where we fell below state and/or national averages. RNs will immediately begin care management early for the report card target populations and will implement regular communications among the healthcare team. Mandatory online education and training will be introduced for all staff that will demonstrate and train each in techniques that can be used to increase our performance based upon national benchmarks. Patient satisfaction surveys will be administered to patients at each visit. Data will be continuously assessed and administrators will meet with managers to ascertain ways to internally adjust practice and procedures. With these changes, the following post-implementation areas will be of greatest concern: * Cost to obtain the technology and training of staff in its use and increase of RNs and decrease in assistants in relation to current and future work duties. * Addendum: My goals, objectives, and strategies proposed to impact Medicare reimbursement * Confidential


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