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Creative brief Overview
I have designed a travel app and magazine project called “somewhere.” The idea is that all people considered a local somewhere and also a traveler somewhere. The project will provide a platform for sharing travel information and story. The app will provide an avenue for sharing travel story, photos and experience with family, friends and even strangers. The development is intended to resonate with the desires and abilities of the common person that has a limited budget but equally seeks to have the best travel experience. The people targeted for the experience are the travelers that operate on a modest budget but expect an equally breathtaking travel experience.
5.1 Creative brief
5.1.1 Overview
A travel app and
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The identification of a platform that will equally provide information that will inform people with a limited budget that it is possible to enjoy travelling despite their economic status. The app will address the gaps by previous application on providing a much personalized platform for exchange of information, pictures, stories and experiences among locals and travelers in an interactive manner. The traveler to locals’ interaction will provide credible information that can be relied upon by the travelers to make informed judgement of the best available package that will usher in an unforgettable travel experience. People think that for one to travel they need to have been coming from a background of high economic status but that anomaly will be addressed by the introduction of a travel app that will signal a change of mindset. It is about time that people appreciate how best they can initiate a travel experience with a limited …show more content…
The objectives of the project are aligned with the corresponding desire of the disenfranchised target market that constitutes of a good number of people expecting the best experience during travelling. The targeted market segment for the use of the travel app and travel magazine will provide a considerable uptake of the resources since the demand for such a platform to obtain and share critical information has been a concern for significant proportion of travelers. The travelers are not afforded the rare opportunity of sharing the travel information with friends, family, colleagues and peers that fall into different demographic constitution. The access to the travel app and the magazine will be readily available on the app store and the creative effort put towards the development of the app and digital magazine will excite the requirements of the different expected travelling users. The app and magazine was developed to fill in the gaps and initiate an experience that influences a positive travel experience that cannot be identified among the existing travel apps in the digital space. An experience will be initiated that has come to change the travel experience by providing information that resonates with the desires and needs of the people with a limited travel budget. The travel magazine will

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