Trauma And Its Effects On Society Essay

804 Words Dec 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Trauma can be a very heavy word to place your head around. It is a word that creates a lot of pressure on everyone that hears it. Trauma reminds us of our problems we had to deal with the past. Loss, death, break ups and hardships of life, all of those things are buried deep inside our heads and constantly pecker on the walls of it, trying to get out and change our worldview. Everything that happens to people, leaves a mark that can stay there forever. Many can say, that the most horrible part of trauma is not the traumatic experience itself, but the state of crisis that comes after it. State of inactivity, feelings of hopelesness and powerlessness. Often it is a state where any type of work is ten times as hard and all positive feelings seem to almost completely vanish, leaving only frail memories of themselves that only bring pain and tears of better times that were before. When huge events of crisis happen, they can affect large groups of people, even whole countries, even whole planet. For example, cries of grief and misery were heard in every corner when disaster of 9/11 happened in United States of America. Terrorist attack so painful, many years later, people are still dealing with aftershock. People suffer from fear, horror, helpessness from seeing huge amount of casualties, long-term stress can lead to serious emotional and physical side effects (Guojun, 2012). One large aspect of reapeated painful experiences after traumatic event is Post Traumatic Stress…

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