Trap-Ease America Essay

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Principle of Marketing(Mkt-101)
Case Study on: Trap-Ease America
Prepared For:
Md. Anamul Haque Rubai
Dept. BBA
East West University, Dhaka.
Prepared By:
Abdul Wahed Saad Mahmud
ID No: 2008-2-10-245 ID No: 2008-2-10-186 Hasibul Alam Jahid Bin Islam
ID No: 2008-2-10-169 ID No: 2008-2-10-083 Fahmid Khan
ID No: 2008-2-10-178
Bachelor of Business Administration

Objective of this Case Study
There are some objectives of this case study. Such as,
• Know the history of Trap Ease.
• Sought outing the problems.
• To find out target market.
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Market information regarding existing competitors, available suppliers and intermediaries must be analyzed in context with the macroeconomic environment. What other companies sell mouse Traps? What type of products are they selling with what marketing mix? With regards to this competition, can Trap-Ease pursue a market leader or market challenger stance? Demography and economics, technology and nature, society and culture, politics and law – these environmental factors affecting the company’s marketing process, in turn, determine the feasible marketing mix and target market. External information regarding these target consumers’ needs, wants and incomes must be matched with what the company can internally offer.
Currently it seems that the company is more product-focused than market-focused. Therefore, Trap-Ease would likely come up with a mission statement along the lines of: “We sell innovative mousetraps, unlike any you’ve seen before.” Understanding the need to be realistic, specific, market-oriented, market-environment fitted, distinctive and motivating, and our mission statement would be: “We provide clean, humane, safe yet effective, simple but innovative, solutions to indoor rodent intrusion.” If the company were to expand into other consumer markets or diversify into other products, the mission statement should be modified accordingly.

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