Essay about Transgender Rights And Transgender People

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Transgender people have existed in human culture for centuries. For instance, Elagabus, who was a third-century Roman emperor, would identify himself as a woman and would occasionally dress like one (“Transgender People”). Many people say they have never met or seen a transgender person, but they are really everywhere. Although some would say that the transgender rights movement is harmful to society, it is actually true that it is necessary and transgender individuals deserve equal treatment.
Transgenders are people who, “identify themselves as being members of a gender that is different from their birth biology” (“Transgender People”). This means that a person who was born biologically female would identify as a male and is known as a trans man, or a person born biologically male would identify as a female and is known as a trans woman. Transgender people can use hormones and have surgeries performed to physically transition to the gender that they identify as. Using hormones and surgeries to physically transition began in the 1930s (“Transgender People”). Thanks to modern medicine it is much easier for transgender individuals to physically transition. Being transgender in modern society differs highly from being transgender in the past. Unfortunately in the past, “...those who lived transgender lives did so in secret” (“Transgender People”). While living transgender lives in modern society is better than it has been in the past, there are still many things that…

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