Essay about Transgender And Non Binary People

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Transgender: here’s a word everyone has at least heard of these days. Rewind sixty, fifty years ago, and the word barely even existed. The people who the term now refers to were instead named by slurs or at the end of cruel jokes, but society has come a long way since then in terms of trans visibility. Society isn’t perfect—nor will it ever be—but it is different, and it has changed for the better. Maybe one day, all trans people will get the rights and recognition they deserve. However—today still—there is a group of transgender people that are almost completely invisible; those that identify outside the gender binary. Many of these people want to be referred to with singular they because they are neither of the binary he nor she. Singular they even has grammatical application outside of being an all-inclusive pronoun for non-binary people. Whatever the use of singular they, English is in dire need of this gender neutral, third-person, singular pronoun.
Singular they has been used time and time again in major works by authors and writers throughout English history. As Solomon notes, “Chaucer, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and other beloved writers of the English literary canon have been opting for singular they for centuries.” Singular they is used naturally in spoken English without much thought; it’s just the pronoun to use when one doesn’t know the gender of another. Singular they avoids assumption and misgendering. The Grammarist article on singular they explains why…

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