Essay on Transforming Data Into Information

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Transforming Data into Information
Tara Deranek
December 9th, 2013
Claude Rushing Transforming Data into Information

Transforming data into information is an important part in the decision making process in a business as well as life. In order to make a good decision, one must process data received from various places and convert the data into information. Throughout this paper, it will contain information on how this is done, along with the input, processing and output of data. Also additional information will be covered about, the various computer components, the definition of data and information, the application program along with the operating system, higher language, machine code, and lastly graphical versus
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The hard-drive in a computer is for storing all of the programs and files. All of this is combined, allows one to run a computer program with speed and efficiency. The computer’s hardware is stored on the computer’s hard-drive, and when it becomes outdated the user is able to re-program with new in-memory instructions.
Data is used in the three step process of input, processing, and output. Data is known as information output by a sensing device that includes both useful and irrelevant information that must be processed to be meaningful. In an easier explanation, data is unorganized facts that need to be processed. Data can be simple and seemingly random and useless until it is organized. When data is processed, organized, and structured or presented in a given context so it is useful, it is then called information. We collect data to be processed to receive information. In the table that was provided, the economists collected data showing how age was affected by the number of years a person completed in school. The information that was produced showed that the lower number of school grade completed resulted in an earlier death, and the higher the number of school grade completed resulted in a longer life.
When economists collected the data and made the table, they may have used an application program such as e-mail. E-mail allows people to make use of the Internet to communicate around the world, as well as to view a variety of

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