Transfer Student Engagement Blurs Of Social And Academic Engagement

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Brown Leonard, J., Lester, J., & Mathias, D. (2013). Transfer Student Engagement Blurring of Social and Academic Engagement. Community College Review, 41(3), 202-222. doi:10.1177/0091552113496141

Student engagement has a positive effect on student persistence. The authors found the definition of engagement differs among students who transfer from 4-year, community college, or both institutions. Engagement is not what the student brings to college, but rather how the student behaves while in college. Tutoring, interaction with faculty, and affirmation through academic and professional advisement are indicators a student is actively engaged.

Additionally, a positive attitude towards collaborative learning such as group projects, participating in study groups, or group discussions are signs of student engagement into the college community. The authors discovered such engagement is less likely to be seen amongst the transfer student due to age and their responsibilities stretch further than the classroom. However, a transfer student is more focused, goal-oriented and disciplined. The authors report transfer student success when they are connected to the academic and social fabric of a campus.

This study gives insight to the definitions of social and academic engagement and how student persistence is affected. The campus of choice gives an accurate account of this topic as a result of its size, diversity, significant number of transfer students. Transfer students were…

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