Essay on Training For The Olympics Mahe Drysdale

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Whilst training for the Olympics Mahe Drysdale took over three million strokes, ran over forty marathons, cycled over two thousand kilometres, and spent over seven hundred hours on an Ergometer. He knew that every second that he spent training would affect his result in the 2012 London Olympic Games. These facts were one of the first things my rowing coach told us on the first day of training. That, and do not break the 10,000 dollar boat. Whilst we were not training to compete in the Olympics, we were training for each and every regatta that we were to compete in that year; specifically the North Island Secondary School Championship. Of course there were struggles along the way; injuries, bad Ergometer times, tears were even shed. But we all had a united goal, to make the A final. Odysseus also had a goal, to get home to his family. He also faced many struggles along the way. Whilst my own goal and Odysseus’ goal in Homers’ Odyssey, are not identical there are similarities in each of the challenges. Odysseus faced a disheartened crew, leaving Calypso’s island of paradise, the great sea monster Scylla, and a twisted homecoming. Whereas I faced an untrustworthy coxswain, early morning trainings, a bad start to the qualifying race, and an ending of huge proportions.
Whilst journeying back from Troy, Odysseus and his crew faced many challenges. These confrontations greatly disheartened his crew and placed distrust and wariness into the crews’ hearts. They eventually began…

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