How To Train Your Dragon: Film Analysis

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In this paper, I will have an opportunity to learning about myself. There are other four members on my team, and they are all Austrians. The project is about Leadership and Team Communication in the Film called: How to Train Your Dragon. I admired the director embedding a pretty good values and lessons in the movie, which the leadership thoughts are not only applicable to the youth but adults. The issue will cover self-understanding is to build a good foundation for understanding other people. In other words, I must have mature understanding of who I am and why I act the ways I am first, and self-acceptance of security, before leading other people in the group. What is it important if I want to improve my leadership skills and practice? I know …show more content…
First is Effectiveness in achieving goals. The effective teamwork has a team with the opportunity to entertain different perspectives, collaborate on projects and resolve conflicts. Work efficiently for the team to meet goals and objectives remains the goal of teamwork way. Providing members with the tools and guidance needed to operate within an environment of collaboration allows members to build up a mutual respect with others. Within an environment of effective collaboration, members feel free to contribute, exchange ideas and develop additional abilities to satisfy the needs of the target. Second, effectiveness requires Commitment. It is a mixture of knowledge, values, skills and behaviours. Each of us has beliefs about what are the characteristics of an effective leader must possess. It is important, therefore, that a leader knows his / her own skills, knowledge and values and how others perceive them. For example, if the "trust" is a quality that is highly valued by your group, then it is important for you to be known as a trustworthy person. By knowing our strengths and weaknesses, we can also develop a plan to work on areas we may want to …show more content…
Managers focus on performance these perceived needs, rather than on activities to develop existing strengths and potential. There is more than worth focusing on weaknesses when people stop or limit the effective in the use of advantages. Otherwise, it is much more useful to build on the strengths and using other team members to balance the weaknesses. Therefore, there are three things I learned on this team active they are: Activation and support each team members, and use their strengths in different ways that combine well with others in the team. Secondly is focusing on development time and resources instead of trying to address the member’s weaknesses in the team. Thirdly, an organization that means even though despite all ideas and thoughts were shared, sometimes it still becoming confused which idea we were acting

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