Obesity: Paying Heavy Consequences

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Obesity : Paying Heavy Consequences

The United States has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Obesity has become an epidemic and major global health problem. The numbers of obese people have drastically risen for all age groups. It has been a long debated whether to categorized obesity as a disease or not. Some sources believe obesity is a disease because it has the characteristics and symptoms like a disease. People die every year because of obesity. Nevertheless, obesity occurs when a person takes in excessively amount of calories more than he or she burns through exercising or other activities. Recent studies proved that nearly two third of adults in America are overweight. According to information in a newsletter of American
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It is not something that people born with, obesity is an individual life adoptions. Researchers emphasize, it is extremely unlikely that genetic plays important role in obesity. Some people say they are overweight because of they were born with the overweight gene. Claiming obesity is innate obviously only finding justification for an easy way out. For example, like alcoholic, it is clearly not inherit. People should control their drinking habit. Same thing with obesity, they should considering wisely what they put into their body in order to maintain a normal body weight. People gain extra pounds because they eat too much food than what they body need and have less physical activities. Experts say this genetic are very rare and not found in vast majority of persons at risk of obesity. Consequently, environment play important role in contributing obesity rather than genetic …show more content…
Even though, some sources believe obesity is a disease, clearly obesity is not a disease. Being obese has strong connection with matters of behavior and life choice. The arguments I have pointed out describe that obesity cannot be classified as a disease since the condition is from a combination of excessively eating, lack of physical activity and failing of capability to control ideal body weight. Obesity is an epidemic that requires great attention because it is a risk factor of a disease. If our society claims obesity as an illness, overweight people will make excuses to continuing their unhealthy standard of living. Obesity is harmful since it related with illness. Moreover, this could lead to very serious diseases. Obesity has become epidemic in The United States and affecting millions of American. Development of preventing way of overweight like active lifestyle, proper nutrition and good eating habits are extremely significant to avoid uncontrollably weight gain. Giving all those reasons, obesity is evidently preventable and not inherits. Subsequently, defining obesity as a disease may harm overweight people rather than benefit

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