Tragic Archetypes In Oedipus The King

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In Sophocles’ successful play “Oedipus the King” the main character, Oedipus, represents himself as a heroic archetype by overcoming such crazy obstacles by his family. In my eyes, a hero represents someone with much bravery and knowledge of what to do in life changing issues. Oedipus may not be the typical suit and armor, cape and magical powers type of hero, but he attempts to do what he believes is right for his own sake. Heroes can be known for their heroic events when they do something extraordinary not just for the benefits for themselves, but also for other citizens. Firstly, this play is best described as a type of thriller and mystery all in one. Oedipus was only an infant when he was abandoned by his parents who were the king and …show more content…
From my point of view, fate is having things happen to certain people because it is truly meant to be. Nobody has control of their own fate, giving a person the ability to receive all the necessary love and/or hate that can come from them in their life. Oedipus connects with the theme of fate in this play by strangely marrying his mother just as the prophesy predicted, but then discovering that it was his actual mother. This was such a strange twist of fate because anybody who a person happens to fall in love with and marries is best known to have firstly met the person by fate itself, Oedipus just so happened to have this bring him to his own mother. However, the fate of Oedipus first began once the prophesy declared the predictions in his future, leading up to his parents abandoning him. If it was not for that sad event to occur, Oedipus would not have eventually fallen in love with his mother, had their children, and lived on with a happy life. Up to the day he discovered that his wife was indeed his mother, his fate then brought him towards the battle with the king, his biological father. After all of these fighting events were over, his biggest fate that his life then brought to him was the award of saving the city of Thebes and the kingdom. For anyone to go through such strange and disgusting life tragedies as Oedipus did, and end up being the bigger and better person with the best outcomes, makes him the hero of

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