Tragedy And Plagiarism In Shakespeare's Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet. When a person read “Hamlet”, he or she can realize that this literary work written by Shakespeare is full of tragedy and sorrow, but what could inspire this author to write such as horrible tragedy. There is no doubt that when authors write, they are inspired in troubles and experiences they are facing. Some people say that Hamlet written by Shakespeare is just another version or even plagiarism from a real one. The main issue is that Shakespeare could feel identified and he just modified some characters and give it a special touch that makes this play so successful and giving the main credits to him. Besides, it is not proven at all that Shakespeare made plagiarism. The main topic about this literary work is how death surrounds this setting. In some cases this famous present death is caused purposely in order to achieve new things and also some characters wants to produce death to others just to take revenge of what could be done in the past. There is a special case in what death was just …show more content…
On the other, Ladd (2014) states that Shakespeare faced a difficult life in which he wrote the play through the inspiration of the death of his father. The reader can find how Shakespeare feels since he could be Hamlet, and mourning the passing of his father. Shakespeare could have an admiration to his father and the death could cause a very shocking moment in his life. As same as Hamlet it seems the same since the main character tries to show how he really missed his father but also how this event had made that Hamlet feels bad about the situation. In the play, the king Claidious manifests that Hamlet has distemper and the queen Gertrude thinks that the father´s death is the cause of that. As it is presented

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