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Traffic congestion in Mumbai
When one thinks of Mumbai, what inevitably comes to mind are images of overcrowded trains or queues of cars and yellow-black taxis, bumper to bumper, constantly honking. A single word to characterise the situation is saturation.
If 60% of the 20.8 million inhabitants of Mumbai
Metropolitan Region (MMR) walk, then half of the people using motorised modes take the train (MMRDA, 20081). Since the 1970s, the population has tripled but the railway network has remained more or less the same.
Thanks to the Mumbai Urban Transport Project
(MUTP), directed by the Mumbai Metropolitan
Region Development Authority (MMRDA) with
World Bank assistance, the network has been recently upgraded with
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Consequently, average trip distances have been increasing, making walking and cycling less feasible than before and thus encouraging a shift from non-motorised to motorised modes.
Combined with slower travel speeds, suburban sprawl has greatly increased average travel time
(Pucher, 2007). This aggressive environment for pedestrians and cyclists encourages them to buy a two-wheeler and then a car as soon as they can afford it (Tiwari, interview 19/03/10).
There are also more specific causes like encroachments, mixed traffic, lack of traffic discipline, lack of network hierarchy, railway level crossings, processions and religious events.
How do public authorities face traffic congestion?
Not the main issue but a major one
Transportation followed water shortages and the high cost of living as critical issues for the
10,000 Mumbaikars, the Hindustan Times –
Ipsos Indica Research surveyed (2010) but infrastructure did emerge as one of the top two issues for the city’s future, just behind education.
The question of infrastructure related to traffic
Figure 1
Being a resident of Mumbai and having to face the traffic congestion, I have given a lot of thought on how to reduce traffic congestion with simple low cost solutions which are not time consuming. Some of the suggestions I have are :
1. To organise a Yellow Box at intersections (similar to what is in

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