Traffic Congestion In Mumbai Essay

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Register to read the introduction… People go to work in the Island city and go back home in the suburbs.
With the development of new business centres such as Bandra-Kurla-Complex or Andheri-Kurla
Road, the suburbs have begun to offer more jobs. The MMR urban structure is changing:
If the population has remained the same in
Island city since 1971, it has grown a lot in the suburbs and further districts, where housing remains affordable for the middle-class (41% of MMR population lives in slums) and job opportunities are growing. The centre of gravity is moving towards the suburbs. Until the beginning of the 2000s, 80% of commute trips were southbound. Nowadays, the figure has dropped to 60%. Rails still assure the major part of commute trips but local government has started to build roads (Balakrishnan, interview 04/09/10). Traffic jams are important in westbound and eastbound where rail transport does not exist. The worst part of the
MMR in terms of traffic jams is the western suburbs where travel speed drops to 5 km/h.
Table 3 Urban growth in Greater
Mumbai: Housing and job localization
Population (In millions)
in the formal
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Some of the suggestions I have are :
1. To organise a Yellow Box at intersections (similar to what is in London) where cars don’t enter the Yellow Box if they are not sure that they can move out of the box i.e. No car should be stationary within the Yellow Box. This can be organised in 3 or 4 intersections like Haji Ali, City Bakery (Worli) etc. Unfortunately, drivers don’t see that they are blocking other drivers who have got the green signal to move and they themselves cannot move since the traffic in front of them is not moving. Police can be stationed at these intersections and have video cameras, and drivers should be penalised to begin with Rs.50 which can be increased with growing awareness.
2. The flyover over the Sahar Village Road, Andheri Kurla Road, has the potential for traffic at 2 levels under the flyover thus creating 4 lanes at each level the (Ground floor and First
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70 cr for 200 signals )
Whether we could have expedited east west links between Jogeshwari- Vkroli and Santa Cruz-Chembur?
Could we have expedited another rail link between the eastern and western suburbs to facilitate transfer of more jobs to North from South Mumbai?
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