Traffic Congestion Essay

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Vehicles and transportation play a significant role owing to the increase in the development rate of our country. An efficient transport network is essential for a developing nation as economic activities apart from others are dependent on it. Ample accessibility and efficient transport systems can increase the productivity, social opportunities, as well as provide economic benefits through better accessibility to markets, additional investments and employment.

Traffic congestion, however, is not supportive towards transport mobility. The smooth flow of traffic movement plays an important role towards users’ satisfaction as they are commuting from their respective point of origin to reach their desired destination. Congestion can be defined as the slow movement of transports on the road when there are hindrances along the road that force the vehicles to move below their speed limits. In other words, traffic congestion is a condition of road networks due to the increasing demand among users, and is characterized by longer trip times, slower speeds, and additional in vehicles queuing along the road. As explained by Matulin et al. (2009), the study classified the impact of congestion into two groups; first is the impact on the environment which
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(2011), the congestion leads to the increase of travel time in a journey from an origin to destination. Travel time may become more variable and unpredictable as congestion increases. This situation causes the travel time is difficult to be predicted while commuting during morning peak hour. In addition, the new Park and Ride under government’s project near to Klang Komuter Station has been forecasted to increase the number of cars coming to the town and coincidentally making the traffic congestion worse. Thus, this study ensures a plan is well provided to help users in making decisions either to choose bus or cars by presenting the almost or perfectly equal of travel time between both

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