Traditional School Start And Stop Times Essay

1168 Words Dec 13th, 2015 5 Pages
Extending Traditional School Start and Stop Times The decision to change traditional school start and stop times in Arkansas school districts would be very effective. Parents and students alike should be for this intended change because it would cause increased levels of achievement upon students, better student readiness, more needed sleep due to teens circadian biological clocks which keep teens up at night, and safer driving due to more sleep at night coping with many teenagers sleep patterns will increase. Many schools in the United States has already made this change and have found it very effective. Some parents oppose the claim, many of their reasons are common misconceptions. Some of their reasons include that students will just go to bed later but this has never been proven in schools that went through with extending their start and stop times. Another misconception is that extra curricular activities such as sports and band would suffer. The truth is that when a student gets the sleep he/she needs they will overall perform better than they would have if they didn’t get the sleep they needed. One more myth that parents provide is that students won’t be able to have after school jobs due to the later dismissal time. Many students only work in the late afternoons, early evenings, or weekends. Even if extending school start and stop times messed with student’s after school jobs the employers would be forced to shift work hours slightly unless they wanted to lose their…

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