Traditional Family And Its Effect On Society Essay

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In The Republic, Socrates discusses the idea of the traditional family and the benefits that it would have on the community to abolish it. Socrates argues that families are the source of injustice in communities and that communities can never reach full potential if families still exist. He believes that the state should generate personal and any kind of familial relations. However, the idea of abolishing the family could cripple the community and hinder vital personal and emotional connections that come with having one. Upholding traditional family values helps to create a more wholesome and productive environment where all people can prosper. Though families can stir up issues, such as loyalty and responsibility, they expose each other to positive situations that are more beneficial to them than the idea of patriotism. The state should have limited access to what constitutes a family. They should not be able to take the idea away nor limit people to interaction amongst a selected group of people. The idea of the family supports individual development and affects society in a positive way. Socrates’ ideas to abolish the family and create a government-controlled community are not realistic. Socrates believes that having no familial ties is the best way to making the people loyal to only the government and creating equality among men and women. The idea that this will work is categorically unfathomable and neglects the positive aspects of having a traditional family. First…

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