Essay on Traditional Education And Traditional Higher Education

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Open learning is not restricted to distance education; it can be held on campus or online by means of attaining a degree or simply for lifelong study. Any institution can provide open learning as long as it accomplishes flexibility in regard to factors such as demography, geography, values and interests, time, and teaching and learning methodologies. According to Shale, the dominant reason for the existence of distance open universities is an “ideological bent toward higher education at a time when people should have an opportunity to participate in it and thus improve their lots in life” (2010, 96). Although every open university has its own purpose, economic, political, cultural, and social factors influence establishment, and most are backed by government initiatives. A distinguishing feature of distance education in comparison in traditional higher education is that learning materials can reach more people at varying levels of educational experience for a much lower cost.

China and Japan have similar educational traditions and learning values, and because of this many of the higher distance education practices in the Open University of China and the Open University of Japan are similar as well. Even with advanced technology, especially with Japan’s leading-edge information infrastructure, television remains the primary medium of delivering instructional materials for both countries. However, because China is a developing country and Japan is not, the…

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